12 Benefits of 12 Weeks to Change: Click


12 Weeks
Chatter + Challenges = Weight loss.

I joined the Biggest Losers Challenge [Online version of the popular Biggest Loser Challenge on TV] sometimes last year and since then I never looked back.

Some of my personal benefits:

1. New friends who encourage you to lose weight in a healthy way.

2. It is a closed group, so your privacy is secured.

3. Friends that are closer than your family

4. Positive team mates with so much energy

5. Awesome group leaders who are always present to help out with just about anything

6. Sharing differences and knowing about different cultures and ways of life.

7. Listening ears and a place to rant and scream and still be calmed down

8. Challenging Workouts for 12 whole weeks

9. For my own team [Navy Ninjas] we have a different tracker for the workouts and nutrition. Yay

10. I always lose weight and I maintained till the next round.

11. Other areas of my life are improved.

12. I am addicted to the team [is that a benefit?]

Another round will be up soon by Mid-May and registration starts now for new members and old BLCers. With just one click and you are a ready for another jaw breaking 12 weeks.

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