It could be funny that I normally get inspirations through some routines on a daily basis like when I am taking my bathe, during my morning meditations and when I am doing strength training. Today, the word accountabilibuddy dropped [I have heard the word before, though]. 
Accountabilibuddy simply means an accountability buddy. To be accountable in the first place is the ability to be answerable or responsible for an action, it is the will to justify an action or a decision taken. It is that state of not excusing a flaw either it was caused by the culprit or an external force. 
To be successful on this weight loss and healthy living lifestyle [even in life], one needs to be accountable for whatever happens. Don’t be quick to put blame on others, when you accept the blame, you are being accountable and it is easier to make the right choices the next time such scenario occurs because you don’t want to feel guilty anymore. I have heard a dozen blame trading on why some people are careless with their choices of food and lifestyle just because they are not ready to be accountable; I had such unreasonable excuses too in the past to live wrong, like…

“I had always eaten anything without getting fat in the past?” [what a comparison!
“The food is too delicious” [are you blaming the cook or the ingredients?]
“I am always all emotional” [we are that way always, so…? Try something else but not turning yourself to a refuse bin]
“I cannot do without [insert a food/habit]”
“I am addicted to [insert a habit/food]”
“Others are eating” [When did THEY become YOU?]
“I am always hungry” [No you are not, do you differentiate between true hunger and toxic/head hunger?] Read this post 
The list is endless and you know where you fit. I will discuss more about accountability in a future post but today is about how to help ourselves to be better and successful in this journey through life by having a buddy and what they could do to help us be motivated to live correct lifestyles.
Accountabilibuddy could be real or virtual, they could be either sex, they could be healthy lifestyle freaks or not but what is most important is that they should have the interest of your success at heart. When a friend, colleague, boss, spouse, kids, online friends etc have your interest on the top of their minds, I can confidently tell you that your success is so guaranteed and who knows you might just rub off on them soon.
When I decided to lose weight, I knew I was not alone because even my mom loved the developments when she saw the difference and she took time to really encourage me. DH was initially silent but I knew there was no problem with him either because he really allowed me to do what I needed to. But the truth is this, I still felt a little lonely in this as time crept on, I needed someone we would run together [DH did with me a few times in the past], do a monthly challenge with me or ask me “have you exercised today? What did you eat?“. During the summer break my kid sister was around and we had a run, did an exercise video then the issue of a accountability buddy came back again. When she was gone, I made plans to run with my little nephew every Saturday [the plan is still immaterial]. 
There are moments when life gets in the way, those i-don’t-feel-like-it times you just want to be ‘un-bothered‘ and just eat all the ‘abominable’ till you are satisfied; 
There are moments when you are over/under-doing it, or you have developed an OCD [obsessive compulsive disorder] about the lifestyle and what you need is a checker before you injure yourself.
There are moments when you are just lonely, alone and aloof [the trio are different you know, lol] and you really need someone out there that understands what you are doing or going through. Someone that understands that you are still in your right senses and knows that this is the best for your life right now.
There are moments you are just tired of everything and everyone except that someone who knows and cares.
There are moments you are scared of running alone [early morning runs] but you are sure you will not get hurt just having this buddy beside you.
There are moments when you really need that push. I mean that shout and tug…
one more mile! Lazy….” 
one more hour before eating…”
you won’t die if you don’t drink that, will you?….”
you have not worked today, are you on leave?
These are what an accountabilibuddy does and as you can see nobody does this except they love you and wants to see you shine from the depths, do you think you need one?
Accountabilibuddies are out to:
1. See you succeed in life [it doesn’t have to be about sweating under the dumbbells alone]
2. Happy seeing you succeed in any and everything
3. Not jealous of you even when you outdo them because they see it as a challenge and you are their pet project.
4. Will not be a stumbling block on your path
5. Will work tirelessly sometimes to see become better.
6. Wants to be really familiar with you
The above post all apply when you are at the receiving end, this means that when you are at the giving end of the pole, make sure you obey the golden rule “do unto others what you will have them do to you“.
These friends don’t have to be real and close, they could be virtual and distant [I have Joanna who taught me not just gather exercise videos but to workout to them all in an alphabetical order, I am doing well with them and still in the As since I have over 400 individual exercise videos,*covers face*], Joanna is in Canada, she checks on my from time to time and she urges me on.
My latest buddy is DH. He did not only registered in a gym but we do videos together at home and I am most happy that this lifestyle could rub off on him at last.
My kid sister [we live in different states] is a good buddy and I tagged it “sistas winning together”. I think she will be more obsessed than I do.
Sista for life
Best of efforts done together yields greater benefits.
Accountabilibuddy wins!
Are you ready to be one? I am available [on the blog, just put your email address in the column “Follow by Email”
Keep on ‘Keepin on

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