Bucket List

Stuff (not all) I will love to achieve in the number of my days:

1. Live in Australia

2. Reach goal weight of 145lbs this year (2016) and maintain it for 52 weeks
3. Travel by flight within my country
4. Stay for at least 3 nights in an International Five Star Hotel with DH
5. Go to the CNN Broadcasting Station in the UK
6. Meet and take a selfie with 3 of my CNN journalist crush (Christiane Amanpour, Hala Gorani and Becky Anderson)
7. Sponsor and maybe follow my Mommy on an Holy Pilgrimage to Israel
8. Build a home with any choice kitchen design inspired by Houzz
9. Become a Chartered Secretary
10. A fresh degree.
11. Learn French and Spanish to a communicative level
12. Birth 3 kids and witness their weddings and nurse the grandkids
13. Get this blog to at least 1,000 views per day
14. Join a dance group and become a dancer (it’s a side passion)
What is included in your list?

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