Creative Intentions 2016 (2)

Here are mine for 2016

– Wake up by 5a.m. daily for devotion and then exercise.

– Workout for at least 10 minutes every morning

– Workout for at least 10 intentional fitness minutes throughout January.(I did not meet this goal, I had flu and was down for 3 days)

– Eat healthy (more whole grains, limit processed foods, drink more water)

– Build a saving culture (20% of my monthly earnings)

– Reward myself whenever I meet a fitness goal (An activity tracker on 1/28/2016)

– Exercise at least 6x a week

– Intermittent Fasting on two days of the week (Wednesday & Friday), Leangains 2 days a week (Tuesday & Thursday)


I will be adding more as the days goes by and of course auditing myself monthly.

Today is day 15 of my fitness streak and I have exercised for every single day in January so far, I have also lost 2.6lbs. 

January 4 – 172.2lbs
January 11 – 171.6lbs (I unofficially weigh in today at 169.6lbs i.e. a 2.6lbs loss)

Other Goals with Dates added:
5,000 steps per day, 6x a week – 2/4/2016

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