Day 1: 7-1-2014

I did it!!!

Today is my first day at the squat challenge.
6 reps x 1 set.

Challenging? Yes, because I had my breath raised a bit and the already sore glutes is even more sore right now. Day 1 was awesome and I look forward to Day 30 of this challenge.

I am supposed to have some minutes of exercise today and I hope to get the minutes in because I need to get it recorded but if I cannot do that today I can still get it in tomorrow God’s willing. I have tried my best to be a good girl with this season of BLC but unfortunately, I am just not feeling it any more. I may need a change of team in the next season, at least maybe I will be geared towards doing all I can. But right now I am just marking time.

Yaaaaaay! me.

Food was and is still on the bad side today, I did not sleep well and I think I agree with the fact that it is bad news for the food choices you make too. Lots of white bread + 1 fried egg and 1 mug of coffee. I did not eat any other thing at work but came back home this evening and I have been eating everything in site (all carbs), huh, bad for business. Tomorrow is another day to make awesome choices.

I tried my best to be a good friend to people today. I however started started the day with a cleaner that came late and the whole office was in a mess, I think I was too hard on him though. I will surely make it up for him because I truly felt sorry for him after the shout. A call from a daughter in the Lord, a call from Chi baby she needed help with something she forgot but… I was just the wrong person to call.
So many strong characters in that office but I am sure to survive because I am a survivooooorrrrr.

Good night.

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