Day 1 – Project Scale Down

How has been the day friends? 
Today is Day One of Project Scale Down.
I measured my girth at 36.1 inches
Weighed in at 169.6lbs (77kg)
A starting picture too.

The next blog will be 16th of January for Day 15 progress. Follow me on twitter for daily updates.


1. My core had become very weak from lack of exercise

2. I did 60 secs plank hold twice, I started shaking at 2 secs the first time, 12 secs the second time

3. Fitness Blender core exercise for 20 minutes and I stopped the video thrice

4. I am really out of shape.

I am beginning 5:2 Diet Fast by Monday 4th, 2016. It is a healthy way to keep your body in good shape. I have tried it before and I am ready to do it again. I will blog about this and what I did after the first day is successful.

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