Day 10 Update: Stretching

After reading a draft of the 10+ minutes streak written by Chris Downie (He warned against sharing the link, I would have posted it here) I decided to change the title of my streak, doing it exactly like his way. I am doing it his way so that I can achieve the recommended results.

I have thought deeply on what to use in rewarding myself for keeping to this 10th Day of the Streak and I decided to do some stretching, just to relax and meditate.


I also took a walk to the stores today and got some lip balm and a new type of tooth paste. I hope I will enjoy it better.

I want to stop using the processed shea butter for my hair, the smell is not something I appreciate on my hair. There is always a way out though.

There is someone that makes inconvenient jokes with me in the office, IT MUST STOP.

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