Day 100 Update: 100 days countdown

Woohoo! 100 days is gone by today. I am happy that I did it but on another note, not happy because I was not faithful to it all through. I missed days that I believe if added together maybe more than a month. Within this 100 days [I am not really accountable for it]

– I did finish the BLC 26 challenge and started with Ripped in 30 [I am finishing Week 4 this week].
– I made great decisions that I am sure will be of help in the next 100 days.
– 10 minutes + streak and I am keeping on strong.
– I took control of white bread too [just weekend to eat my bread]
– I finally started a de-cluttering plan to keep my home clean.

Another 100 days starts tomorrow and I promise myself, it will be a more healthier, active and successful 100 days [God’s willing].

I promise to state my goals for the coming year [watch out for it] and one of it would be to do as many 100 days streak as possible in the coming year. As many challenges as possible and I promise to be happy in all of it.

Wish me luck as I proceed in the next 100 days of fitness [at least 10 minutes of fitness activity].

I know and believe that I will lose this stubborn weight this coming year. It is the year of ACHIEVERS.

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