Day 102 Update: 10+ Minutes Streak continues…

“Hit Like if you did at least 10 minutes of fitness today or took any other steps to reach your goals! 50 for me. Today’s highlight was mini-trampoline. What was your highlight? — SparkGuy”

The above are the daily words of Chris Downie on Facebook to engage us all on the daily fitness goals we might have set.

For me yesterday marks the continuation of the 100 days streak, I completed last year. I am continuing on a slightly different note this time around. I am counting only the days when I do a physical activity that can meet the requirements of a workout. I hope to be as consistent as possible.

I was on a familiarization tour with my Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor this morning. I am doing my best but I am still not getting it yet.

This morning was the first workout with Chalene Johnson on Turbo Jam. Learning the basics with

“learn & burn”. I am still trying to get the moves but I am already in love with Chalene Johnson. I am still wondering how she maintains a calm voice even while working out so hard. We shall surely get there.

It is rather cold in here today and I feel so sleepy even as I write the blog.
Catch you later. (Later Lunch)

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