Day 108 Update: 10 Things on my Mind

Hi there,

Today is the end of another week and how time flies and waits for no one. What can I say? It had been an awesome week for me and very busy too.

The internet had been the worst in my office since the millennium, lol. I seemed to underestimate how much my life revolves around the web [I hate to think that way, but it’s the truth], it looks like not able to browse makes me cranky and anxious too.

Anyways, I had to recharge the phone so that I can do my stuff on the mobile [thank God]. I am still owing someone anyways…

All in my mind, I have decided to be as positive as I can be this year because I know in it lies my success with everything I put my mind to do. I want to be positive not only about what I plan to do, but even about others, those around me,
– a mind that they are not here to harm me;
– a mind that I can talk to them about ME;
– a mind that God had brought them my way that I may or they may influence me positively;
– a mind that I can get it when I really want it;
– a mind that is no more scared of doctors;
– a mind that I will be the best in my job;
– a mind that I will get to my goal weight this year 2015;
– a mind that an extra reps/set in my workout will hurt no one
– a mind that a little time without food will hurt no one
– a mind that prays in the positive and leaving it there;

I am even being the luckiest by becoming a part of BLC 27. Acting positively, I was placed on a team I really loved and the general theme for this round is THINKING POSITIVE.

I believe that breakthrough [talking like a Nigerian] I am looking forward to is this year of positivity [I hope there’s a word like that] will get to me with these 10 things on mind.

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