Day 11 Update: Full Tommy

Whatever happened today [how healthy that is I do not know] I cannot explain but…

Maybe it’s the core workout I had in the morning, it is almost 1pm right now and all I have had today is 1 glass of water and 1 orange. I packed my lunch but I am not able to eat it even till now. Whatever happens is a good sign. I actually overate last night too, I took out local garri with lots of vegetables.

This morning 10 minutes ended with 37 mins (a constant 37 minutes in a row for sometimes now, why the coincidence). What must be done must be done.

We shall be going home early today and I wish to quickly get into washing my hair and getting ready for tomorrow.

It’s GO’s birthday tomorrow. I do not even have enough on me to get a gift but I will most definitely take him out tomorrow, all things being equal.

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