Day 113 Update: Weight Loss

It’s becoming a reality for me. I am in the 160s on the scale.

Yesterday was both weigh in day and rest for me too. Squatted on the scale and I saw 169.4lbs [Another standing gave me 170lbs] I decided to stick with the lesser. There is a saying that “every woman loves to be weighed and be found wanting”.

Yesterday was rest day and it was also my IF day, and beyond my expectation, I was so full of energy. At dinner I ate like this:

– 2 cups of mixed fruits
– 33cl Yogurt + a handful of peanuts (10g)
– 0.5 cup rice + 3 slices plantain + fish + beef

(I felt so filled after, I have not checked the calories yet but I am sure to be as under and wanting as possible)

A new BLC week starts for me yesterday and today I will be doing my TNT, it’s yoga moves.

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