Day 118 Update: Heart Rate Monitor

I think I wrote a blog on Sparkpeople in December about a personal reward-turned gift. This is my story, I decided to buy a Heart Rate Monitor mid last year (I lost my precious Fitbit Zip courtesy of a wedding) and so I started saving towards buying on Amazon. Luckily for me, I got a good buy on Black Friday and a friend who was coming home from the US ordered it for me. When he eventually arrived for Christmas, he decided to give it to me as a xmas gift. My soul blesses him always.

I kept it for sometimes because, I see bonding the stuff to my chest as a burden that could easily wane my motivation to workout (trust me I still see it that way).
But beyond the cons I am associating with it, the fact that it beeps whenever I am below my designated zone, keeps quiet when I am within and beeps more when I am above my zone, makes me tick. I think I am truly in love with it.
I track my meals and workout with Sparkpeople (workout), meals in MyFitnessPal. My HRM is so so accurate and I love every bit of it.
Tonight was a blast, 76 minutes workout, phew!!! Of course I am resting all through the day tomorrow.
And I prrrreeeeesent!@@#$##$ (in baritone, Italian tongue)
FT4 Polarrr Heart Rrrate Monitorr

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