Day 12 – July 12, 2014

Today by the books is my rest day but because I took the needed rest yesterday, I am on my toes right now. I did a hundred squats today (5 reps 4 sets of each of the 5 squats).

In addition to that, was another circuit training that took care of my upper body My trainer insisted I did it with him and it was more fun doing the workout together with another lady who came to join what “we” were doing. Allllllll at the gym.

Sore tomorrow? I am ready for it.

Probably I am not going to give DOMS a single chance because I still have lots of circuit training to do till Monday.

I think food will fall under the category of BAD today {duh}, I am sure by now I must be over my carbs range because there was too much white bread around me today, then white yam then… I don’t know what white
something on the line. Prolly I am also done with food for today

Yaaaaayyyy, Coach Nicole, our very Coach Nicole has put to bed our #babycoach [he happened to be a manchild]. Coincidentally, my BIL also gave birth to a #babygee [she happened to be a girlchild], they are birthday mates, I hope to compare their pictures someday soon, lol

…and my baby too.

I saw someone at the gym a strong workout as warm up and this picture jumped into my heart:

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