Day 13 Update: Rest Day

I have decided to rest today although I did 15 reps of back extension. I will try to also walk in place right now just to have my 10 mins in. [It is a must to do it]

I have been having allergies for sometimes now and a drug was prescribed to me that seems to work for it although there is always a relapse. This is not the bone of contention but the adverse effects of the drugs on me are totally against my weight loss goals..

1. Eating without gauge

2. No toileting for 2 days

3. Sleeping without caution

I have decided to stop this drugs till I can get to the root of the cause of my allergy. I will however get a cream that should work when the scratching starts. I will surely survive it.

Today is wash day and I also decided to do without the mayonnaise [it had made the hair brittle and soft to the level of excess breakage in the other washings] I also did not deep condition today.

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