Day 14 Update: Jessica Smith
I did some cardio today and running outside wouldn’t have given me this much satisfaction.

The 40 minutes jog/walk was with Jessica Smith. It was sweaty and fun.

What do I love about this woman? SPACE

Yes, the fact that she does her workout on such little space like I have in my home makes me tick. I love her way of manipulating that little space to make a whole of calorie-burning-moves. I decided to download more of her workouts in her YouTube channel. I have subscribed and if anything new comes up today I will be among the first to know.
The 40 minutes cardio was not too tiresome, neither was it simple. She created so many alternatives either you want it high or low impact. The fact is that which ever one you decide to go for, you will burning calories.


After this post I will be out get some cornrows done on my head by a hair stylist. I hope this one is not as insane as the rest of of them. I just want it simple, what part of S-I-M-P-L-E don’t they just understand. I am determined to take charge of my hair and how I look and no one has the right to talk me outta it or want to do otherwise with it. It’s my hair, it’s mine not yours, not theirs. If GO does not care about it, I don’t think any other person has the right to neither does their ideas count.


*I am back from the stylist and I think she’s just a little different though and I have not made up my mind if I would go back to her. I think she’s just another stylist who have reservations about the natural curly hair. Why is it a crime to be natural anyways?

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