Day 2: 10 Minutes

Today was awesome.

It was 30 minutes with Dennis, walking workout and sweaty workout too.

When I had not worked out in weeks, I realized I had been clumsy, grumpy, anxious and every other negative emotions that can be thought of. But now that I have been working out (just day 2 into my regimen), I feel more confident, energized, contented, optimistic and realistic too.

I love what I do! […]

My hair is receiving the least of attention now except the Castor Oil treatment that I do each night now. I have decided to be doing my washing twice a week because of the sweaty workout I do daily and like 5 days a week.

It’s going to be GO’s birthday by next week and I am still cracking my brains on what to give for his birthday. I wanted to give a bash before but I have decided against it, I will just get a good gift and other things will follow.

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