Day 22 Update: Strength Training

I did my workout for the day tonight. I worked my upper arms and a little in moves for the core. Meanwhile, I think I touched something in my “jiggly bits” as a friend calls it [arm flab] because my arms were terribly shaking during my cool down and stretching sessions.

I know that I love to strength train much more than allow my heart to be thumping horribly in my chest with cardio, but there is a dire need for balance too. If weight loss must be achieved then there is need for balancing everything.

While working out today, I remember a line that says “you cannot outdo a bad diet” this means that you cannot use exercise as an excuse to eat wrongly either.

Talking about food today, I was very conscious of what I was eating and how I was eating it today because of the allergy drug I had been using, the reactions were more in my favour today because there was no case of excess binge. I thank God.

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