Day 26 Update: Struggles

It’s Day 26 of my 10+ minutes streak today. I have have had my ups and down moments through these days. For example I have not worked in like 3 days now and there is no reason other than that I am not feeling it and then of course a rise on the scale, I hate those moments [especially when I have worked so hard] and my subconscious goes on holiday somehow.

Right now I just have to move on, yes move on…

That is what life gives, we gat to move on and face other matters. An adage says in my culture that “when one falls from a horse, one gets up and mount again”. It is not the falling, it is the rising that shows determination and accountability. I always expect this increase in weight but when it becomes overwhelming, then I become passive with my workouts.

I have had to change the allergy drugs today and hopefully, this should give me a better result. If it doesn’t then I need to see a dermatologist fast.

On my wishlist is a need to workout after work today. I will surely do.

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