Day 3

Today is day 3 of my squat challenge:
6 reps by 2 sets of the exercise. Advantage of squat is a better butt and firmer thighs too, I hope I can get it slimmer by the end of the challenge.
I was feeling a little sore this morning so I had to do just a basic workout from the Sparkpeople workout generator. Not really a challenging workout but it was ok for the day. I thought I can still add a few minutes tonight but all I feel like doing is resting this pretty head from the hard work of the day.

That was another wacky thing today, I took potatoes w/fried eggs + coffee in the morning and it filled me in till evening when I came home and voila! the explosion started. I did everything to control it anyway, but I think I still fell flat. I will most definitely win someday.

I was a little grouchy this morning (had a vivid dream that I was not just pleased about). I sulked through morning and at work, had some good reasons to smile and some foolish dance too. I had to deal with an issue of a girl who always portrays innocent but I had always believed it was a façade, I was the most surprised to hear today that she was pregnant for some I am not sure is ready for a marriage right now. I don’t know why this youngsters feel so independent and unreasonable these days. When you talk to them to wait it’s as if you don’t want the best for them. It only take a few months before you come to grip that marriage is not always as easy as it looks. It is beyond all white gown and cake. I really hope she is happy.
Some commented today that my hair looks good at the back but she doesn’t the way it looks in front, what does that mean now? The hair does not fit my face or somethn??? I forgot to tell her I stopped caring some days ago. mtcheeeewwww

“Those things you refuse to take care of in secret will always disgrace you in public”

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