Day 30 Update: Unscheduled Walk

Story so far…

Today is the day 30 of the 10+ minutes streak. According to the mini book that Chris Downie wrote I am supposed to be on a habit with this streak within the last nine days but alas, it had been my down moment all through. Days 31 to 89 is a test of my ability to stick to this whole stuff, I really hope I will not fail the test. I may not be having deliberate workouts but there is hardly a day I am not on the move but that is not the idea, I am supposed to be on a streak working out daily. I have the power to do with and I will show you I can…

I want to be strong
I want to be fit
I want to be healthy
I want to be happy too and satisfied with me.

I had an unscheduled walk this evening, of course that counts as my exercise for the day [I may be doing my LCW = Last Chance Workout early tomorrow morning because I am wonderfully tired right now. ugh!!!

Someone told me today that SELFIE is a psychological problem [the self-esteem babbling going around now],

My personal view about selfies

Before the selfie trend, I had done this all my life.

Thank God I could do selfie always, how would I have compared my pictures over the years. There were some background happenings in my past selfies that made me remember some good events and especially their dates when I needed them most.

When selfie becomes a problem as far as I am concerned is when you take your own picture too frequently [daily basis] or when you have take your pics online each time depending on comments before you feel beautiful or confident about who you are.

That doesn’t apply to me one bit. Duh

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