Day 35 Update: Out of Shape

Working with Jessica Smith this morning (40 minutes abs/walk) really showed me how 11 days off could completely take me out of shape. As I said earlier, 11 days of No-Deliberate-Exercise is what I had but I am never a couch potato and I will never be again. I take long walks, stand to walk around every 30 minutes etc.

Anyways, I am doing everything to make sure I do not have this long days without working out anymore. I have 65 more days to get to a 100 days and then I go forward again.

I was most inconsistent with my drugs and I am not sure if I am yet free from the allergies yet.

My workout this week will be something like this.

Monday – Cardio/HIIT
Tuesday – Upper Body workout/Walk
Wednesday – Cardio/HIIT
Thursday – Lower Body workout/JJ
Friday – Cardio/HIIT
Saturday – Cardio/HIIT
Sunday – Yoga/Pilates

All DVDs.

About Food Plan

I just printed a sheet that is a guide to a good food plan for me this week.

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