Day 36 Update: Fitness Blender

I had always known Fitness Blender as YouTube channel with lots and lots of workouts. I always saw the video as slow and sluggish moves that will not challenge the body the way I always wanted.

Can I be permitted to say that I wrongly judged the book by it’s cover. In 45 minutes with lots of modifications and rests today, I was panting heavily and of course glowing with sweat. I could not imagine the moves will wind me out that way. What else can I say?

They were all simple moves but Tabata in nature and there was little to no rest in between the sets. Another issue is probably because I am out of shape within this 11 days, so it is possible little moves will keep me shaking for hours. I will most definitely have some muscle soreness tomorrow morning.

Bad hair day, all I did was just clip the hair together by side using a fancy pin (pink), so I had the lip gloss and eye shadow complement the clip. They all have their days of importance. I wasn’t looking bad after all.

*Sorry you have to turn your head*.

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