Day 40 Update: LIFE

I am sorry to start this way, but just as I was thinking of what topic to write today. I saw my colleagues going for someone’s funeral, a young mother of two kids, a banker and somehow she had impacted her society so well, great people in the city knows her and took time out to pay a last respect to her.

It made me think right now. All our struggles will actually be over and for those who are still alive, life goes on, the battle continues…

Why is there so much struggles in this life??? So much wants, so much desires, so much stress etc. Death puts an end to it all. So for someone who had to struggle for everything including his/her survival in life, he becomes free. For someone who has enjoyed so much in life, he could be missing something.

The conclusion of the whole matter is that “fear God, serve God, live for God, do God’s will, follow God’s word. while you are still alive and strong” because at the end of this journey, we shall meet with God to be faced with two conclusions. Either of these conclusions is eternal. Man either goes to heaven/justification or have a part in hell/condemnation. Either of these final destinations is determined by our walk with God while we are here.

I love Jesus and I live for HIM. I don’t know, neither do I care if any man is watching but all I had to do and will do, I do for God because I love him. Even when it is not rosy, even when I do not have it all, I will never leave Jesus Christ as my Lord. I love Him as Lord and my God.

I have skipped two days in my streak yet again. I truly need help with timing, when I am coming home at night I feel so tired already and in the morning I have to rush out still. Weekends are tight and right now I seem not being able to lay hold unto anything with some confidence. I think I need something out of my system or I need to get out of the system.

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