Day 5: 10 Minute Streak

Exercise this morning was walking workout (used Leslie Sansone’s DVD) and I invariably used it to do my BLC fitness test. I have done this test over and over and I can specifically say what I am capable of doing now. The plank test I had also done severally and I know I can maintain good form for only 45 secs.
I am ready to face the 30 day challenge to be better with these four tests.

I am still a little confused on what to do to my hair but trust me I need to change the look of this wig (I get bored easily). I could not have a wash day yesterday but I will surely do today, God’s willing.

I am getting some new shoes, and blouses. I really think they are on the high side though. The feel a little costly but they are all good stuff.

A meeting continues today, I am so not feeling it today.

I need to hit the market today for groceries to make and prepare for the coming week. It is well

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