Day 9: 10 Minutes Streak

It’s 9 days of active minutes today. I think the mindset of “just the next ten minutes and you are done” had really kept me going and tomorrow I will need to reward myself with something, to celebrate my 10th day of streaking. 10 of such will surely give me 100 days of streaking, I cannot seem to wait for that day [it’s gonna be some wonderful time for me]

Well, today it’s 37 minutes working to some weights with and what can I say, yours truly it was awesome. I did some warm up for 5 minutes using the Falcons’ GOYB [Get Off Your Butt] and I did 3 sets of 15 reps of most of the exercises, now my triceps are not only sore but shaky, I will need to do some cardio tomorrow, just cardio. I cannot afford to work any muscle group right now, they are all sore except maybe my abs [it’s the only place there is no soreness right now.

I will use this time to really thank God for all things. I see Him working things out for me in all areas, even in this workout regimen, I cannot but just be thankful to Him.
I believing succeeding with God is the Grace and Determination [to just do it]. Jesus Christ never fails.[…]

I always love the texture of my hair when it had been under cover. It’s dry right now but no moisture till tomorrow and hopefully a wash day on Thursday [God’s willing]. I already order for 2 wigs, I hope she brings them.

Now I am Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz and tired.

Good night pals.

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