Day 91 Update: Week 2 of Ripped in 30

I successfully concluded the Week 2 of the Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30. I am happy that I am doing everything to be consistent exercise-wise. The only challenge I have is the inability to do the bonus workout for the day to conclude the 60 minutes a day exercise.
I will surely get there, I am truly working towards increasing my exercise minutes.
My workout review
Ripped in 30 Week 2 is just as challenging as the first week. I am using a 2lbs weight and probably it is not as challenging as I desired it. So tomorrow God’s willing, I should  be using my 5lbs weight to start the Week 3. Jillian as usual can be strict in her instructions
No Bread Streak.
I have maintained 2 weeks of NO BREAD during work days. I now eat bread only on Saturdays and Sundays, maybe next year I may start 14 days no bread streak and maybe 30 days, and maybe 60 days, till I overcome eating bread [this food keeps jeopardizing my efforts].
I have 9 days left in the 100 days 10+ minutes exercise streak. Wow!!! I have achieved a lot and I have learnt a lot in this almost 100 days journey. I will be starting another 100 days and maybe one day I will celebrate a 1,000 days streak.
It is a decision and not a wish, I MUST get to my ONEDERLAND in 2015

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