Day 92 Update: Week 3

I noticed the video is 31 minutes instead of usual 34 minutes. I wondered what was different until I

started the workout this morning and realized an exercise was missing in the first circuit, whatever happened was an error on her side as far as I am concerned. Somehow I also felt the video is a little less intense and “nice” too. I enjoyed everything about it and I ended up burning my rice, duh.

I feel a little excited with my success on this video and I am sure to finish stronger and at the right time too.
I am feeling quite excited for the upcoming Christmas celebration (I don’t understand why right now) despite we are not so buoyant right now, but there is a great excitement right now and I know all is well that ends well.
Now I can pick one of the reasons why I am excited, it’s my Sparkversary celebrations today, I mark 4 years with Sparkpeople today and I feel excited about it. Not many (physical) achievements like I would desire but I have become a better person, influenced lives both virtual and real, learned new ways to handle goals, learned to set goals and work at meeting them. I can actually say that I have achieved a lot then. WooHoo.

I am thinking so hard on what hairstyle to install these holidays but I am definitely going to look nice for this Christmas and I promise to be happy in the Lord who is the God of peace, rest and joy. (I desire these 3 as the year ends in a few days).

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