Day 96 Update: 10 minutes is better than nothing

I can say now that, doing 10 minutes is really better than doing nothing, thanks to I was not feeling like exercising for the two days [thanks to the weight gain on the scale yet again, 177lbs – I think it’s TOM].

So last night, the same feeling was already on me since waking up and by evening, I was dead tired but instead of doing nothing [I am still on Ripped in 30] I decided to do something that will not make me wear any gear at all. [kitting for exercise is a core to me and it is enough to discourage me from working out on some days, it’s a story for another day], I looked through my YouTube collections and there is this lady with red and blue balls behind her staring at me.
I did 7 minutes working my glutes and 6 minutes working on my giggly arms [Christian Mother].

Next year must be different by FIRE and by FORCE, because God is involved now.

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