Don’t Give Up

You’re bored. Frustrated. Exasperated. Tired. Just too busy to even think of trying to lose weight. You want to quit. 
Don’t despair. You’ve reached the point in your weight-loss project that truly determines whether or not you’re going to get to your goal and stay there.

Now it’s up to you. 
Quit or Keep Going: It’s Up to You
I was out to church someday and on my way back, I bought a slice of watermelon. As I moved up a little, I saw a cart with carrots and I was thinking I should have bought those instead, but right in my head, I thought “who says losing weight is easy” and the best gift you can give yourself as you lose weight is to tell yourself that ‘it is not easy’ [just worth it in the long run]. I will let you into my thoughts:

1. Watermelon is actually sweeter/easier to take than Cucumber
2. Apples are sweeter on the palates than carrots
3. Some butter/margarine is easier on the tongue than avocado dip
4. White [polished] rice is easier than some chaffed brown rice
5. White bread is far easier than some sugarless wheat bread.
6. Couch potato is easier on the body than burpees [I dislike them]
7. Eating much food is easier than controlled portions. Let’s just be candid, who hates good food? I don’t anyway.

The list is just endless, you can think of more. It is a reality and we need to face the reality and at the end make a choice.

A great CHOICE

I was in a cab this afternoon and a lady flagged the cab, a show of relief was on my face when the driver ignored her, [she is fat]. Is that what is likely to happen to me too whenever I flag down a cab and I am ignored? lol

You see what I meant that it’s about choice, one of the consequences of going the easy way is to be ignored continuously by cab drivers which is more emotionally disturbing.

Going the NOT SO EASY road might be initially difficult but your body [including your tongue] adjusts and sooner the not-too-good-foods [different from the not-so-easy-on-the-tongue-foods] gives you bug whenever you take them. For example, whenever I eat more than desired portions, I have a constipation which makes me really uneasy and may lead to some toilet issues the second day [sorry TMI]. So? What do I gain from a runny tummy? Nothing…

I still maintain that you can list all the uneasy things you do to lose weight, come to terms with them without compromise, deal with them and move towards a healthy life.

At the beginning of weight loss journey, I just wanted to be healthy first (i.e. get some good medical records) but if I lose weight in the course of being healthy then it’s a bonus for me. That was exactly what happened.

Reading up, understanding and taking steps towards a healthy life was all I was out for. One step at a time and I have become a success story in my own little way today.

Are you at the verge of giving up this healthy lifestyle, just flash back to the aha moment! Even if you have gotten over what pushed you to these goals, then set new ones or maintain your goals. I am sure you do not desire to be back to the untrimmed life again.

Tell us more, what did you have to give up while travelling towards great health?

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