Fight Like A Girl

It is October and it is also the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

There is a saying that “what you don’t know won’t hurt you..” but I think these days it may not hurt but it may KILL and that is the reason early detection of any disease is important.

Knowing early is as important as proper education on what to be done about it. In this part of the world religiosity had taken over right thinking and it bleeds my heart a lot when people live in denial of medical problems that can be taken care of before it gets out of hand.

This bring us to the issue of self breast examination, it should be taught and known by all girls either young or old. What we are looking for could range from painless/painful lump, discharge from the nipples, unequaled boobs with a far departure from the norm, color changes on the skin of breast or pulling in nipples.

A simple DIY can save you from the later hurt after all.

In partnership with BHG (Bankers Healthcare Group), we (using my blog) want to keep the fight on against Breast Cancer.

What can be done before and during are all highlighted in the graphic below. My focal point is the diet and exercise part. It could build up your immunity and help you to fight not only cancer but other disease. 
Always remember that the fighting spirit is the caution spirit.

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