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I received a mail this past week with a request to discuss the above topic. It’s not a very sensitive topic because I am more result-oriented than checking style out during or after a sweat session but I think I got interested along as I wrote.
I am a stylish person in my own little way (we had that since we were little), and I think I can be crazy with labels. I love anything that I need to buy to be close to the best if not the best, I window-shop a lot maybe it’s the reason I stand out for buying quality. It’s in me to save to buy the best not for a show off but I believe that buying the best will save you of future unnecessary expenses (I have tested and tried that on several occasions).

I become more conscious of kitting up for my workout sessions and probably answer a few questions so you understand my style.
What motivates you to stay fit?
My health is number one factor that pushes me. I don’t have any major health issue right now but I don’t want to have any before taking care of myself. As I write now, I feel the death of my dad and how I felt so helpless helping him could have contributed immensely to my addiction to wellness. I felt dad kept it for too long and by the time the symptoms of whatever killed him came, it was just too late. I believe in God as the number one healer of those who trust in Him, but I believe we cannot afford to be careless as humans either. I know that Jehovah as given me this body and I need to be accountable for it by taking good care of it, not careless with what I feed it with and keep it active because God need it active, King David said “what is the use of me when I go down the grave”. I want to be strong enough even at old age to still carry Jesus Christ around in this heathen vessel.
What are your favorite ways to stay active?
I just keep moving all parts of my body. My theme in life is this “Work while it is yet day, for the night is coming when no one can work again“. I do everything from deep thoughts (I consider this a training for the mind) to running a 5k and other things in between. I will love to highlight them below:
  • Walking (Walking in place, walk away the pounds, other walk videos)
  • Running (Running in place, 5k, 1 mile time training)
  • Strength Training (Upper, Lower, and Core, use of dumbbells and resistance bands)
  • Dancing (Zumba, Hip Hop, African Dance etc)
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • High Intensity Interval Training Videos
  • Jump Ropes
  • Exercise Ball workouts
  • Use of workout benchs
  • I have a collection of YouTube exercise videos (over 400 individual videos)
  • There is also a gym close to my office that I go to when motivation/discipline wanes but I am a home-gym addict.
  • I have a smart activity tracker, it tracks my steps and activities. I have a daily goal of 6,000 steps
  • I get really encouraged with an exercise buddy

Workout Style?

Pinterest (Don’t mind the labels)

I keep it simple. I am stylish but I hate cumbersome, I mean I could do without the distraction of an earpiece. Depending on the type of exercise, ranging from a music blast (rock) when running and R&B for my strength training. 
Clothing is kept simple, no long sleeve, no cotton and a high impact sports bra is a must (the girls can be distracting), no make-up, no jewelry, hair in a pony-tail and compulsorily a headband, oh I love my headbands. I have come to understand that the sweat pores on my head are more active than other parts of my body, so I have them sweat balls trapped before they find their ways into my eyes.

My shoes are nice sneakers and when indoors I scarcely wear them except on jump rope days or I am working with Shaun T and Charlene Johnson.
I love fresh air when I workout so my home-gym is well ventilated and I have a fan that does the work in humidity. My water bottle is there to also see me through my workout sessions and a towel to clean any sweat ball that escapes the headband. I have an extra towel and panties in the gym bag for after showers and when I am short of time and need to be back in the office, baby wipes do the magic.
I have a Polar heart rate monitor that tracks calories burned. I trust this more than online calculators.

I need to mention that I love colors, although black is the new pink for me (funeral for fat) but I really love some color blocking when kitting up for a workout. I love them bright too.When I am rich enough, I will invest in any workout clothes that I ever dreamed of, I don’t have to break the bank anyway, lol.
Leggings I love from Pinterest
Finally, I hate crowd when working out, even when I go to the gym I only go at those hours when gazers are out. 
After a 30 minutes run on Saturday

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