Fruity Friday

Brunch for Friday (today). This meal includes:

Apple, pineapple, watermelon, cucumber and cabbage. It was yummy as I took it with my chopsticks. I love the sweet parts and did my best to savour every moment of it.

It is good that I am following good schedule and I hope I can be better getting to my goal weight soon.

I forgot to weigh in on Weghtless Wednesday, so I did this morning and it was 165.3lbs (75kg), blah blah blah. Not good, but I took it in.

I am starting my workout schedule tomorrow Saturday (which happens to be my treat day too, I will likely skip it because I had eaten so badly this week) and God helping me it’s going to be with Insanity Max (Shaun T).

I have read reviews and I think I really want to do this. I am ready to push till something happens to my weight positively.

For the information I am tweaking my goals, I am no more thinking of 155lbs at the end of August but before the next BLC Round 29 which is mid September, I know I can do this!!! So, even if I cannot get to 155lbs then I should at the 150s.

Do you love your fruits? How do you take them?

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