Happy Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for?

So I’m here today because God kept me. I’m alive today, only because of His grace. God kept me so I wouldn’t let go

There is hope of better days/things to come when we still have breathe in us, a hope of doing a lot more in life is assured only if we are alive.
Sustenance of life rests with God.
He created food, provides food, makes the food work, even the ability to eat/digest the food lies with God (wonderfully and fearfully created). The digestion starting from the mouth and down till making it beneficial for us is awesomely God, and we need to be thankful for this.
There is little we can do to really help ourselves outside God and thus my reason for being thankful to Him today.
However, that “little” we can do must be of utmost priority, this is where fitness and healthy diet comes in.
We need to be conscious of a fact that “toxin” is a part of life in this generation (remember global warming), but in case we cannot single-handedly control it we can consciously control what we do with our bodies.
Toxin is everywhere around us especially the food with eat (I don’t blame those who fast back to back to decongest their systems), it ranges from the additives, to the preservatives, to the sweeteners etc. These toxins are added to our foods just to make them more appealing, delish and presentable and to be frank with you they are doing great jobs. 
Where is the saying that… “If it doesn’t rot, beware! We always react with a Yuck!
Sometimes, it is even the issue of overworking the body. Giving it more than it can work with because of some “obsession” of any kind either diet or exercise or even stress (I will talk about stress some other day). 
That we are thankful for sustenance today is also a time to reflect on what we are doing to either sustain or destroy that body that we are given. 
Are you consciously working towards riding that horse (your body) for a long time then you will need to both ride carefully and take care of it, the horse can revolt when overworked (like it did me this past 3 weeks) and is ready to break down completely or even stop working when it’s not used correctly.
Check this mantra:
30 minutes of exercise 4 – 5 days a week
Eat from the Earth
Control the portions of what you eat.
If you can carry out this 3, I bet you have minded the laws of long life and prosperity.
I am thankful today for family, friends, colleagues, readers of my blog (for your patience), my trainer and everyone who had been helping me to live healthy since 2009.
Sorry I had been MIA (I had been sick and I will talk about the illness when I am fully recovered)

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