The above were the words in my heart as I had to double my workout today. I had a nagging headache last night, and so I slept early without following my schedule (I was supposed to do Sweat Intervals last night), today I had 62 minutes of Insanity on my badge, lol.

I think I love the workouts and the schedule too. I love cardio not as much as strength training anyways but right for Shaun T, I love the fast heart pumping workouts that lasts for just 30 minutes.

I have two more workouts for this week and I am ready to sweat again. I am getting to 9 minutes before maxing out now but with modifications once a while.

 I have postponed this workout for too long and I am happy that I am doing it now with full permission from the doctor. He encouraged me to go ahead.

I am not sure food is right with me yet, I think I overfed today just the same way it was yesterday. It was more of emotional eating and maybe TOM is wagging its head again.

I got enough water to drench Thirsty Thursday today. Still drinking more before bed.

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