Infused Water

I saw it, I prepared it, I took it and I loved it.

I always wanted something new in my recipes. This weekend I decided to try a drink I had always seen on online, after a long search I realized it is call “infused water” and there is also a special bottle for it although “mason jars” are more in use, for me, I am using a water bottle for a start till I lay my hands on other containers meant for that purpose.

The drink gets better with the days, you can drink the water and refill without throwing the fruits or veggies out.

My Recipe:
1 small orange (cut into small parts to enter the bottle, with or w/o the rinds, I prefer without)
3 leaves of basil or mint leaves (I did not shred, I tore each leaf for easy juice extraction)
 (Carrots, watermelon, cucumber, and other freggies as you would love it)

– Put all your ingredients in the water bottle
– Fill with water
– Close the bottle and leave in the refrigerator for 4 hours or leave overnight

So, if you easily get bored of plain water(I don’t anyways), or you love adventure (like me) and you don’t want the sugary drinks then this is for you. You can experiment with anything or check online for “infused water recipes”, there are lots of infographics for your use.

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