July 02, 2014

Day 2 of the Squat Challenge, I did the workout as early as possible so that I am not worrying about it during the day.

Day 2 was 10 reps of each exercise
– Narrow Squat
– Narrow Squat w/back kick
– Basic Squat
– Basic Squat w/ side leg lift
– Sumo Squat

It was awesome with some other strength training exercises I had to do to complete BLC challenge today. I know sleep is going to be awesome tonight.


Food was not bad today and I had no guilt whatsoever. Still carbs and nothing out of the ordinary, no real excitement about food today just the regular food I eat. Rice w/ stew and 3 slices of plantain.
I know my food choices has a great influence on my weight but alas! there is hardly anything I can do, at least nothing I have not tried before.
I weighed in at 172 pounds this week as against 171.6 pounds last week, duh. I weigh more whenever I take eba in a previous night.

I think a girl is not happy with me in my office. I have not really liked her from the beginning (I cannot explain why myself) and it had always been like that from the beginning. We chatted sometimes ago in a bid to just settle it all but unfortunately liking this girl is a little difficult for me. I don’t really know what to do about it but I feel I cannot afford to feel that way about her. I will truly try my best.
“Eye service always backfires”, just be sincere with your life and others.

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