July 9, 2014 – Day 9

Yesterday was my rest day but I was supposed to do exercise for day 7 which I could not because of so much tiredness. It was so bad I had to sleep early on Monday, today was not bad either as I have to do the exercise in the office (some close corner), squats hardly need so much space or noise.

I hate making excuses and right now I am already get them but I promise to be consistent which is one of the reasons why I started this blog. Let me do something without stopping for once. (170 squats in all)

It had been so chaotic eating well these days. When I don’t get home on time, it becomes very difficult eating well and healthy. I am taking sometimes off today and getting my meals done and I will look forward to healthy meals for the remaining part of this week.

I have been looking forward to sleep each night sleep like a special event and waiting on Fridays to come now, I hope all is well with me? I hope I am not stressed out unnecessarily? I have been trying to my best to be the best. I have learnt to be quiet when the need arises and speak as little as possible especially when I am angry now or unhappy with a situation.
I had to intervene today in a marital situation with the guard and his wife, different folks with different strokes.
“Just wait, it will surely come to you when you wait”

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