Meatless or Motivation Monday

It’s either or both a motivational Monday or a meatless Monday. Either of the two I am still going strong today, had a meatless day by having a fish full day with my meals.

Motivation wise, I was on my feet the better of today despite the soreness from T25 on Saturday. Ouch!!!

“Public paid Announcement”

Insanity Max 30 starts on the 31st of August 2015 and not today as scheduled. I am on some “stuff” that would not accommodate any high intensity workout for now.

Don’t mind me, I just had to hold on a bit.

A friend just announced her baby bump today and I am so happy for her.

Meanwhile, so that the day is not blank, I am walking at least a mile per day to keep body and soul in shape.

See you on maxing out day.

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