Morale is Low

Hi everyone,

I had not come here in a while [I am truly sorry about this]. I promised to work on my blog in making it better but life got in the way [excuse from the programmer] and here I am with the same design and all.


Low Morale is what had been happening to me and I am sure I had not done any reasonable workout in a week today. I am not just feeling like it, nothing more…

Unlike way back when a rise on the scale is what kills my morale more. Not this time, I just feel bored with exercise and I seemed to always lose strength when I get home every night. I sleep more but my meals are on point and somehow healthy too. I am losing weight nicely and when there is a gain, it is so slight.

Par exemple, last Wednesday Weigh In was 164.6lbs, this week it’s 165.2lbs [I took bread a day before the weigh in. My bread is only on weekends but I purged on Tuesday and the only thing to eat was dry bread].

I think I will keep posting my blog till the “IT guy” is able to help with the redesigning and arrangement of the blog [I want to meet the specifications of AdSense] I want to also make money on the internet, yaaay. It may not be much money but there is a gratification attached to it.

I will be reviewing my exercise and diet plans today, all things being equal. I want to March on in March and still lose some 5lbs if possible [Yes it is doable with the 26 days left].

While I get on my knees to start the race, I dare you to join me. I will post my plans tomorrow.


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