New Year Creative Intentions

Good morning good people.

As promised in the last post, I decided to bring my readers into my plans (fitness wise) for 2017. I did stop calling it new year resolution since last year because it has been researched and known that resolutions don’t last, on another note now I think the way we do our resolutions is what makes it pre-termed most times.
I mean what do you say of plans that are made hurriedly in the wake of a new year for some selfish reasons; or I decided to jump into a plan because I am trying to take a revenge; or I am even angry at myself and that’s what informed my decisions, such plans must be truncated immediately I get even with any of the above negativity.
I will like to reiterate today that a plan,  resolution or creative intention (whatever you decide) that would work and successful must be SMART (click to know what that’s about).
Another important feature of your goal or plan or resolutions is, let it beneficial to YOU first before others come into the picture, be fit for you,  be beautiful for you, have a clean house because you want it and not because of visitors (it means your home will perpetually clean since you are always there). I mean if you desire to lose weight and live healthy this year be sure its first for you and your well-being and happiness.
Write it down! A blunt pencil is better than a sharp memory, what you write down can be far better than what is committed to memory. When you write the When? What? Where? Why? Whose? and How? down, you can go back for constant audit and review of the goals.
Audit yourself. Set a time frame to do this, it could be a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly check,  make sure you are checking “if you are still in power”, the words of a once dictator.

I have 17 creative intentions for year 2017, but I will post just 9 here as that’s what concerns weight-loss and a healthy lifestyle.
1. I am giving Paleo Diet a try this year, I am not rushing into it because I want to be successful at it. I will try a first 14 days then a 30 days and who knows it may become a WOE (way of eating) for me.
2. Runsforcookies is a blogger I love and she celebrates her birthday yearly with a running competition,  it’s actually a virtual run and I am determined to do that this year using a treadmill.

3. Saturday long runs. In case I can’t do this every week then a fortnight will be doable.

4. Intermittent Fasting consistently using a daily 16:8 except Saturdays.

5. Continue to minimize bread to weekends. It had helped me tremendously.

6. Drink at least 8 glasses of water on a daily basis.

7. Finish my over 400 individual exercise videos in the next 355 days (God help me).

8. Bag an online fitness certification especially on strength/resistance training (my favorite exercise). Keep this space, I will meet you there.

9. My average moving weight for the past week is 167.2lbs. I need to lose 12lbs or 5.5kg to get to my first goal weight of 155lbs 70kg by June 2017.

Yaaaaassss, we can do this!

What are your goals, resolutions and creative intentions for 2017?

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