New Year’s Resolutions

The above is a tweak of January workout plan (I did this with a combo of Greatist’s “just do something”) and also my New Year’s Resolution. I am starting on this project of 30 days and one of the major guidelines is to make an appointment of at least 10 minutes of exercise everyday. With the above plan, I am mandated to do just the first 10 minutes, any extra minute is bonus.
A. Equipment (Anything that can be used to exercise within your reach) I have these:
1. I have 313 workout videos (low impact, high impact, flexiblity)
2. A stability ball
3. Set of Resistance Bands
4. Set of dumbbells (5lbs, 4kg, and 3lbs)
5. A yoga mat
6. A hand crafted 30lbs barbell (I am sure you don’t want to see it but it does the job)
7. Other accessories like sport bra, jeggings, leggings, sport wears.
8. Consistency, consistency, consistency.
9. Lastly me, myself and I.
10. Mind over matter
B. At least 10 consecutive minutes out of 24 hours daily for 30 days
C. Motivation: both from inside and outside. I need all the energy to do this seeing I bore easily.

D. Progress photos (Day 1, Day 15, Day 30)

Daily Tips
1. Get my workout clothes ready at night
2. Sleep early since I will need to wake between 4:30am – 5am
3. Get all the workout equipment ready
4. A clear mind that I am expending just 10 minutes, getting the remaining minutes in my timetable done is a bonus for each day.
5. It is a must to do the first part of my timetable
6. Write in my fitness journal

If you will like to join me on this challenge, just click a “reaction” below this post, I know you are in. You are not mandated to follow my exercise timetable, be creative but be sure you are doing something productive daily and be ready to share your progress.

You can follow me on twitter for daily updates.

I wish to call it PROJECT SCALE DOWN

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