One Week Update: Day 7

I have been walking with Leslie for approximately one week today, day 7 is my REST day.

I have walked for 3 days consecutively and on the 4th day I realized I was calculating the minutes/steps wrongly.

I had to also stop because I was not really feeling good and today being my doctor’s appointment, I wanted to just complain to him and inquire if I can continue or what else to do to ease me of the recurrent headaches.

I want to let him know how incomplete my life can be without exercising.

I am trying my best on the diet front and trust I lost a smidge (0.5kg). Saturday morning I weighed in at 76.3kg as against 76.8kg which was my weigh in before the walk.

I did measure my waist to be 35″, I am looking for a smaller waist by day 30 of this challenge.

What are you non scale goals before the year ends.

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