Personal Retreat

I have been AWOL for a week, I went on a retreat.
The Nigerian Baptist Convention (which I proudly belong) had it’s Convention in session between Saturday 16th April, 2016 to 21st April, 2016. It was mandatory to be in attendance because of some important roles myself and DH were playing. That aside it was a very rear opportunity to be alone with God and learn at His feet.
It was a good time to retreat and pray to God almighty who can do every impossible. The theme for this year’s Annual Convention is Moving Forward: Working Out our Salvation with Fear and Trembling, it was a program filled with teachings, sermons, prayers of intercession, petitions etc. I was richly blessed and I would not have forgiven myself if I did not put my all into this.
The essence of today’s post is the benefits that accrues from having a personal retreat. Retreat in a simple term is “withdrawal or a draw back” it is mostly used in the army. A retreat is often carried out because of an enemy in battle or a greater force is advancing, it is a time to get back to the drawing board and map out new strategies to either face the battle headlong or surrender totally.
A retreat is very essential for any life to be fit either physically or spiritually. It enables the mind to come back bigger and better and permit me to say it is a great necessity for every life that will matter to retreat at a good time.
Some of the benefits to retreating as I have experienced it:
– You are able to take an audit of your present life, considering where you are coming from, being and going.
– You are able to go back to the drawing board and identify your failures and successes
– You are able to have a ME time uninterrupted 
– You will leave that busy lane of life to be quiet within yourself and connect with yourself.
– You are able to analyse new strategies to be able to improve your weaknesses and celebrate your strength.
– If it’s spiritual, you learn from your Creator (God) and pray to Him for help to be a better you.
– It is also a time to pamper yourself. Leave that routine life and splurge a bit.
I enjoyed every moment and I came out stronger, I practically forgot all challenges in my life and I became lighter. After the retreat (reality) I became bolder to face and deal with those challenges and there is a satisfaction within my soul.
I will recommend this should be done at least once a year for everyone who wants to make impact in life. 
I am sorry that I could not post my weigh in on Wednesday (you know the reason now). I look forward to another time like this soon

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