Recurrent Aural Vertigo a.k.a Meniere’s Disease

On the 3rd of November 2015, I woke up as usual doing my daily routine of house chores. I did not eat because I intended engaging in a fast that day. I got to work early and around 9am I was summoned by my boss, as I entered the office, a dizzy feeling came upon me and I had to lean on the nearest object so I don’t fall. I went back to my office and I attributed that to an empty stomach. I took two glasses of water then ate breakfast and I was fine. I went about my daily business and the second day Wednesday 4th, I experienced the same thing. I took permission from DH and I closed from work to rest at home but this time the whirling did not stop.
On the morning of Thursday 5th, I could not turn my head without whirling (of course it was later I realized it was in my head), I took an excuse from work and I had to visit a laboratory to do some necessary tests to be sure I was fine and every result came out with good numbers i.e. blood count, blood pressure, sugar fasting and even a PT.
I was given some blood tonic and capsules but by the time it was night, I had an overwhelming feeling of nausea. I did not vomit though.
Friday 6th, I could hardly stand on my two feet without the fear of falling, I went straight to the clinic. I was diagnosed with vertigo but what is responsible for the vertigo and then another round of blood work. By this time anything I consumed found it’s way out of my mouth.
A sister in law who is a professional nursing officer, called and told me that with all the symptoms, it seemed I had MENIERE’S DISEASE. That was the very first time I heard that name and I broke into tears even when I had little or no knowledge of what it was, the fact that was a strange name also shows it’s a strange illness.

Well, Meniere’s Disease is a disorder in the inner ear. I define it as the shaking of a fluid within the inner ear, this fluid and three small bones called “cochlea” are the major organs responsible for balance of the human body. So when the above are displaced, there are episodes of vertigo (spinning) and tinnitus (ringing in the ears). It could also be the swelling of the inner ear and thereby displacing the these cochlea and the fluid too, I advise you browse and do more research. I may not know what was happening in there but the symptoms were not hidden:

  • Overwhelming spinning feeling/lightheadedness 
  • Feeling of nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Ringing in the ears
  • High pitched sounds doubled in my ears
  • Unable to walk straight without a feeling of falling
  • Extra efforts to fix eyes on images
  • I had a little problem identifying objects immediately too
The above were the symptoms I had, it is possible there are some differences. (The general feeling is what happens to you after dropping from a merry-go-round and trying to walk)
Causes of this illness is really unknown, although some school of thought says it is a reaction to some drugs, head injury and ear injury. For me, I am not sure I was in any of these categories, mine should be unknown, lol (spiritual maybe)
There is no cure yet for Meniere’s Disease, but there are several home remedies that could suppress the symptoms:

  • Do not walk in the dark
  • Rest as much as possible
  • Avoid salty foods
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine of any kind
  • Avoid any sudden/swift movement
  • Stand with your two feet firm on the ground
Good news is I became better after 1 month and fully recovered after two months after spending so much to medical practitioners who may know little about this disorder. My SIL was the best of all and I am grateful to God for her, she was the that prescribed me STUGERON 

On severe cases of this illness, diuretics are prescribed so that the water in the body is reduced thereby reducing the fluid in the inner ear too.

Surgery is also recommended at the height of it all, injections are also used for some treatments in the ear. I did not have to go through all these before I recovered and I believe through divine intervention I will never experience a recurrence. It was not a palatable experience.

Feeling better and thankful at Xmas

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