Rest Day 4

Today is a rest day for me in the squat challenge but it not by any means near rest for me. I did some weights in the morning, something I found very interesting and cool too. It is a circuit training with compound exercises. I am going to be sore tomorrow in my arms and I know it.

BLC challenge also demands that I do an outdoor activity for 20 minutes and I did for 31 minutes in all. I actually walked a long way to buy some cucumber for my Nigerian Flag colours recipe. I wish to do something simple, low fat yogurt and some slices of the cucumber (for a green color) Nigerian Flag is green white green. I am forced to do this because it’s fourth July and since I am not American (the task demand a recipe of blue, red and white), I do what belongs to me. I will post pictures when I am done with the recipe tomorrow.
Point of note, I still feel so sore from the last abs exercises. I love good soreness.

Another interesting day for me today with food. I started the day with a bug and my tummy was acting so funny. I did not eat anything till 3p.m. I was so weak and tired too. But I kept on with it and came home to eat this night. I feel better now though.
I always look at people’s reactions to me and I can sometimes use that to judge what they had said or saying. I have decided to always do my best and keep going. I have a dream.

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