It’s no news that I get bored easily. I think I dislike too long routine and when I hear people say “I eat the same breakfast each day of the week or I had been doing this everyday for 5 years” I am baffled and wondered how they ever cope. Anything that is around for too long bore me out except the DH and surfing the internet, lol.

Don’t get me wrong, I have routine that I had been doing for more than 7 years like going to work daily, brushing my teeth every morning, being in church at particular time and days of the week, what I hate is monotony. I love me some spice in everything.

Way Out (if you are like me)
1. Know yourself and determine what works for you
2. Experiment with your own body (you are always the lab rat in this science of weight loss)
3. There is no one-size-fits-all
4. There are lots of gibberish when it comes to physical fitness and healthy eating 
5. Familiarize yourself with your body so that you can bust myths and establish facts
6. Variety is the spice of life
7. Be consistent with whatever plan and method you decide to use

On this note, my zeal to do challenges each month through the first six month of the year (as I slated at the beginning of the year) has crashed, – sorry to disappoint – not totally anyway because now I have tweaked my plan to a weekly routine. I feel weekly is more effective for me and that is what my posts will dwell on for the next few weeks. I will be updating the blog about my plans for the week and if possible results that emanated from my choices.

My Routine
Last week 29th February, 2016 – 5th March, 2016, I danced through the week ranging from Zumba, Hip-Hop etc.

Concerning food, I am tracking, and just breakfast for now, it will help me know what is remaining for the day and what discipline is needed to be on track.

One of the major help I need from myself now is sleeping early so that I am strong and agile enough to meet my workout goals in the morning. For some days now I have not been thinking about it but I have been doing it, I wish this momentum keeps going this way till the week ends then I should have a blast.

I was at 170.4lbs on Monday, that is good news because my last weigh in (Wednesday) was 172.2lbs. I hate standing on the scale but to be candid we cannot part ways for now.  It is good to know that my clothes are looser on me but what am I supposed to do when the scale keeps going in circles. I decided to measure inches to mark my progress but some days I am bloated and I need to know my stand.

Irrespective of what happens, I am intending on trying this new workout/eating plan for the next few weeks and I hope I have some dividends at the end.

Your body is the lab rat, experiment with it and bust myths or establish facts.

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