Running Plan

When I first started my journey to weight-loss in 2010, one of the easiest exercises for me was running. I loved the environment way back when the morning breeze will blow on my face as I was doing the 5k training. No gadgets to measure my pace, heart rate or speed, I just ran. I did high speed, easy pace and some walking till I am done for 30 minutes every other morning. I was also not alone because I met guys who love to run too.
Fast forward to 2012 and we moved to another place where running was almost impossible (not safe enough). I had to register in a gym very close to the office and my passion for running continued and I even became the leader of a running group on sparkpeople, yay.

2014 I was posted to another department that made going to the gym practically impossible, I tried to adjust my schedules but it looks like every adjustment tightens the space harder.

Since last month I have been following a blog Katie Froster’s runsforcookies which sparked running in me again and now I am making plans of running a virtual race at least once a month and let me see how I go from there.
Reasons for me to run

  1. It is an easy workout
  2. You get better with speed the more you run
  3. You need less to run unlike other exercises
  4. I cannot stop running and still be the leader of a running program (leadership by example)
  5. I have a goal of running a mile in 10 minutes (I can do it)
  6. I feel fulfilled after running
  7. My personal trainer has been bothering me
  8. I have to do this for myself.
On a good start I ran 5k yesterday 17th February, 2016. I had wanted to train a little before the virtual race which I had been putting off since the first week in March, but issues kept getting in the way and I couldn’t but I did it now and I am really happy with myself.

As I pointed earlier, I did not train and I had not exercised in days and somehow I had so much energy as I started with a 5 minutes warm up on the treadmill with a leisure walk. As I was about to start the race, my trainer came in and he asked what I wanted to do. I started the race with a 2 minutes walk and then a 3 minutes jog and I kept repeating till I had 5k done on the treadmill. I was walking at a 5.5km/h and running at 8km/h and even when I was tempted to increase it I did not because I just wanted to start and finish since I will be having lots more races before the year runs out, I bet there’s a lot of room for improvement.

Adding the laps together gives the actual timing

I had my android with me to check the laps at each mile and I was happy with my run because I was to find out later that my last race which was 1 mile was in 2013 (3 years back). I did it all in 43.16 minutes, I know that is a walking time for some but I believe that I will get there with consistency.

I had the treadmill running a little longer. 

I am signing for a virtual race once per month and I will be doing it in the week of birthday throughout this year. I will keep running to be a better runner.

After the race, I felt too light for comfort and I really enjoyed the feeling. I was not really breathless but because of the humidity outside the gym, I was sweating profusely till I showered and rested before returning back to the office (I used my lunch hour).

Meanwhile, I joined a Sparkpeople’s 5k walk/jog training plan for 33 days and I hope to do that at home or when there is time to go to the gym to train.

Points to note:

  • The Treadmill recorded over 750cals burning for the running
  • My HRM recorded 415 cals burned (I believe in my HRM)
  • Sparkpeople recorded 268 cals burned

Find me on Instagram (@temitopejopelo) for my picture after the race (I forgot to take a picture of the dashboard of the treadmill after the race).

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