Rut, Lost and Down

I think I am in the blues right now!!! (Rant ahead)
At one point in the day, week, months and years of a life there will be something that puts the blue ring on the finger. 
When the situation is severe, the person refuses or is unable to come out of the weather.It could become medically diagnosed and treated same, then you call that DEPRESSION.
I find myself in this blue mood when there are some situations that are simply beyond my control. 
I am discussing this on my fitness/weight loss blog because it is affecting my productivity as an ardent exerciser, I still wonder why I will wake up in the morning and the excitement to work up a sweat is not in me. Coming back home at night, I am tired (not an excuse for me) and the inner strength to even take a walk with “Leslie” is not just there.
I have un-resolvable issues on my mind right now and they linger on my subconscious, for God’s sake I cannot wait for fogs to clear before I resume back to some good tough videos. It is getting harder and I dislike each day that ends without a workout.
So many things could bring some form of unhappiness and for me it mostly include the inability to meet my dreams, aspirations and goals. It make me feel more like a failure and I could go on ruminating on mistakes and wrong choices of the past that could have aggravated the “today’s situation”. 
As much as getting out of such moods can be helped by talking about it, I hate pity-parties and so I hardly discuss issues with anyone except GO now [and dad when he was living]. I have that belief that with God [I tell him everything], I am always on top of every matter. I don’t mean I have solution to every of my troubles but that non of them will get me down or get in my way of being productive [it’s happening now]. Right now, I love the comfort of my home more, I just want to be left alone, be aloof and think things through [I hope so…]

However, the reality is that I have to move on, people also need me [the most difficult part] to help them out of “their blues” too, not minding my state of mind [the selfishness in us all]. I have duties and expectations as a wife, daughter (in law), leader, friend and sister, and I need not fail in theeeeesee either. There should be a way out then…

[The whole sky is not all dark] I am relieved though that I am finding strength in not resolving to gulp down junk into my system as I go through this.

I had a meal plan including snacks based on a two meal per day that I follow religiously, at least if I am not working out my diet should be on point. [Ignore the carbs, I work with what I have]

I am consciously doing that…

I would rather take a stroll than eat ‘that’ unhealthy snack to deal with my fears and uncertainties.

Some steps that could help,

1. Everyone goes “down” that road at some point in life

2. Know that you are in the blues

3. Find help out of that mood

4. If you are on a weight loss goal, do not turn to food as a way out

5. Be positive and thankful

6. Socialize

7. Talk to someone you trust about what you don’t know

8. Read up some jokes (or watch Tom & Jerry)

9. Talk yourself to exercise.

10. Rest

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