Saturday Treat

Good Morning Friends

I already said there’s no treat today because food had been bad during the week. I am eating as normal as possible and I am proud to say that I ate from my garden this morning. I made some tomato sauce with eggs (tomatoes from the garden). Yummy

I woke to workout this morning not with Insanity Max 30 as scheduled (I changed my mind before bed last night) but with Shaun T in T25. That workout was the bomb, my heart rate monitor was high throughout the 25minutes of pushing, at the 21st minute, I was dizzy and a dire urge to puke came (sorry TMI) and I had to pause the video to just catch my breath and some fresh air. I remembered the words of Jillian Michaels,
“except you puke, faint or dieee, do not stop”

I stopped before any of that happened to me this morning, lol. On the long run, it’s not easy but it’s worth it.

A new lesson: make sure to have a pre-workout snack before any of Shaun T’s workout.

I will be starting max 30 on Monday because that is what the schedule says. I will be having some yoga relaxation time tomorrow God’s willing.

I am posting from the phone, I would have added pictures of my garden. It’s a good venture and I think you can try it too.

Tomatoes before they ripe, (they are in buckets, lol) never mind the snail, pests

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